Disclaimer: The views expressed on any of the following sites do not necessarily match the views of GohstIndustries, but there is alot of valuable information on these sites and that is why they are being listed here. It is up to each person to discern truth from falsehoods and this list is simply a collection of good places to look for truths.


Eric Dubay - How To Quit Your Slave Job Call of the Oaken Grove Eric Dubay Documentary Hip Hop Artists Speak Truth The Truth About Cannabis


NaturalNews.com Gerson.org Rife.org RifeVideos.com Maps.org

General Truth

Educate-Yourself.org RenegadeVids.com EricDubay.com Erowid.org DMT-Nexus.me Mises.org

Truth Artist & Musicians

Visionary Artists Visionary Art on Google SolPurpose.com GeniusAwakening.com Alex Grey Conscious Musicians Payday Monsanto ODD Reality Alais Clay Ghostryder Snowgoons Stic.Man Dead Prez Low Key DISL Automatic Eric Dubay Goyim Goddess Chris Geo B.o.B Sinead McCarthy 14 Sacred Words Tara Vinterdis Hope for the weak Goldofaf Mr.Bond Saga Max Resist Stahlgewitter YTCracker Kofia Narcy Shadia Mansour Eminem - Mosh Sturmrebellen Exzess Makss Damage Final War Flo White Homage Juice Media Cog Dee 1 Lupe Fiasco Rainbow Spirit Splendid Verge of Umbra Konshens The Ancient Order Printz Prophetz


Run From the Cure - The Rick Simpson Story Royal Raymond Rife - Suppressed Medical Technology The Mastermind Nikola Tesla - The Story of a Genius The Dynasty of Rothschild - The Only Trillionaires in the World


Tao Te Ching / Lao Tzu Art of War / Sun Tzu Can We Live 150 Years? / Mikhail Tombak Art of Expressing the Human Body / Bruce Lee & John Little Creature from Jekyll Island / G. Edward Griffin Think and grow Rich / Napolean Hill The Miracle of Breath / Andy Caponigro Toa of Jeet Kune Do / Bruce Lee Bruce Lees Fighting Method: Complete Edition / Bruce Lee

Computer Technology

OpenBSD.org Null-Byte.WonderHowTo.com Linux.com HowToGeek.com